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        A cataract is clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye, which is caused when proteins in lens break down and cause things to look blurry, hazy, or less colourful. Clouded vision can make it difficult to read, drive a car, or do day-to-day activities.

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            TaCa Dost

            At TaCa Healthcare we align a dedicated TaCa dost with each and every cataract patient so that you don't have to worry about formalities & paperwork at hospital.

            Affordable Cost

            Taca Healthcare offers Treatment of cataract at very affordable rate. We also provide insurance paperwork support. TaCa Healthcare is working on a Mission to make cataract treatment affordable in India.

            Insurance Support

            Depending upon your insurance provider cataract treatment is covered up to 100%. TaCa Healthcare ensures Hassle free treatment experience that too at very low cost.

            30 minutes

            Cataract procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete. Cataract treatment is a daycare procedure wherein patient can get discharged and go home early.

            Symptoms of cataract

            Signs and symptoms of cataract include:

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            What Causes Cataract?

            The most common cause is aging as the normal eye degeneration begins to occur after 40 years of age. Besides, proteins in the lens start breaking down, leading to the clouding of the lens.

            Other reasons

            How to diagnose Cataract?

            The comprehensive eye exam will include dilation, where doctors put some eye drops into your eyes to widen your pupils.

            Slit-Lamp Exam
            Ophthalmologist's examines the cornea, iris, lens and the other areas at the front of the eye. The special slit-lamp microscope makes it easier to spot abnormalities.

            Retinal exam
            When pupils are dilated, it helps doctor examine the back of the eye.Ophthalmologist also look for glaucoma, and examine the retina and optic nerve.

            Refraction and visual acuity test
            Each eye is tested individually for the ability to see letters of varying sizes.

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              Treatment for Cataract

              Cataract can be removed only with surgery. During the surgery, surgeon will remove eye’s cloudy natural lens and replace it with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens (IOL).

              Prevention of Cataract

              Dr Pawan Sthapak

              Dr Pawan Sthapak

              Senior Ophthalmologist

              Dr. Pawan Sthapak is a Leading of ophthalmologist working as director of Jan Jyoti Super speciality eye Hospital in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India. He did his MBBS from Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Medical College in 1987, post that he completed DOMS In Opthalmology from the same institution. He completed his masters in surgery (MS Surgery) ophthalmology from Lugansk State Medical University. He has more than 29 years of rich experience and has performed more than 35,000 eye surgeries so far.

              All You Want To Know About Cataract

              FAQ Back
              FAQ Front

              Cataract surgery has a very high success rate. Having said that all surgeries do involve some risk. Some common post-surgery complications include swelling, pain, infection, reactions to anaesthetic medications.

              After surgery, you may have itching, mild discomfort, watery eye, blurry vision. You may face sensitivity to light.

              You may need to use eye drops for a few weeks. During those weeks avoid touching eyes, front bending, lifting heavy weight.

              During cataract surgery, the clouded lens of your eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. Cataracts cannot grow back after the natural lens has been removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

              Some patients may experience a condition known as secondary cataracts, which is a clouding of the eye caused by scar tissue on the back of the implanted lens. This can be corrected. Treatment is painless and takes no time. Consult your doctor if you face clouding after cataract surgery. Most patients immediately experience clearer vision but some might take a few days.

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